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Therapy when you need it

Hello, I’m Alan Archibald and I’m a trained, experienced and registered psychotherapist.  I provide an unhurried therapy space that you can speak openly and without judgment.  That you can explore your thoughts feelings and relationships in a safe and secure environment with someone that listens tries to understand and supports you to gain a more genuine and happy life experience. 

What can therapy help with?

The therapy I offer is called psycho-dynamic psychotherapy.  It centers on early life experiences and how they affect your relationships, behaviors and feelings now.  My approach allows for a space to be able to think together about these things and what impacts on them and makes them more challenging.  We can work together to find patterns and life experiences, in the moment, that will give us answers as to why.  The therapy I give allows you to find clarity in the confusion and provide a space for us to face this challenge together.

I work with a number of issues such as depression, anxiety, relational difficulties, trauma, loss, anger and attachment issues.  This is not a definitive list and what I find more important is not the symptom but your experience of it and how I can help you to find some peace from the difficulties it causes.

therapy room

Individual therapy in person

This will be a weekly or twice weekly therapy at the same time and day for 50 minutes.  This service will be in person.


I offer brief 16 session therapy and open ended.


Type of sessions

Online Archibald Psychotherapy

Individual therapy via Zoom

This will be a weekly or twice weekly therapy held over either Zoom or Skype at the same time and on the same day for 50 minutes.


I offer brief 16 session therapy and open ended.

Finchley practice

Initial assessment

This is essential prior to commencing in therapy with me and will allow us to think together as to whether you would like to continue. This will be for two sessions of 90 minutes. 

What can I expect at my first appointment?

Margaret Street

First appointments can feel difficult at times and can make you feel a little anxious.  This is very normal and an important indicator that the counselling means something to you.

I will provide a professional confidential space for us to think together about what brought you to me and also what I might be able to do to help. 

It will be a chance to talk about more practical matters too, including times, days and costs. 

It will be a time to ask questions and for us to make sure that this therapy is a treatment that is appropriate for your needs and that you would like to start with me.

I will meet with you twice initially to get to know you better and think together about keeping you safe on the journey with me.  

Where is Archibald Psychotherapy?

Archibald Psychotherapy

25 Margaret Street,



Finchley Therapy Practice

296 Nether Street



Contact me today

Thank you and I will get back to you soon.

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