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Rainbow baby specialist

Rainbow Baby Specialist

This Logo represents that I have participated and compleated a course on the foudation of infant loss training and Rainbow baby.  This training has given me a particular insight and skill around parents who have suffered loss of an infant and also the particular challenges of further pregancies and what may come up for you.

Infant loss and Rainbow baby trained

Infant loss and rainbow baby training has been provided by the Foundation for Infant Loss. This important service looks to help practitioners, counsellors and psychotherapist have further training around infant loss.  Not only is this training essential when caring for people that may have gone through this experience themselves but also for the ability to help individuals who also go on to have a further child.  This training has given me both insights into the experience, what people may be going through and the particular challenges people have around these life challenges.  It does not make me an expert in your individual experience but it does allow me to have a particular sensitivity around this difficult area and be able to provide some security that I am there with you and understand something about what you may have gone through or currently going through.  I am listed on the Infant loss Foundation as a qualified practitioner with this particular skill set.

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