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Hayley Day Poetry - The woman behind the poetry

I would like to introduce Hayley Day - Author of Hayley Day Poetry. I have asked this wonderfully inspiring poet to write a little about herself so you get to know the woman behind the poetry. She has agreed to continue to write poems for the site and hopes that people will enjoy.

Hayley Day Poetry – My Perception.

Hi! My name is Hayley Day and I am the author of a collection of poems here on Archibald Psychotherapy. Depicting my thoughts, feelings and actions from stages and phases of my life, my poems are from the heart! My work aims to connect with people of all ages and expresses how I navigate my world as a totally blind 46 year old woman in the 21st century: Up until the age of 28 I was partially sighted – a different pair of spectacles indeed! The ophthalmologists assumed I would be fine, as I had always had sight difficulties... Yes! How wrong they were. So, when you read my work on here I hope you see triumph over adversity, alongside laughter, sadness and anything else in-between.

I first encountered Freud, Eriksson, Beck et al during my GCSE Psychology, where their theorems fascinated me and piqued my interest in the field of psychology and mental health. At the time, to my family, lecturers and peers, I appeared confident, happy and OK with life. But underneath I thought and felt something very different. I started to withdraw, with feelings of “not fitting in”. When I withdrew, I would ruminate and consider very dark thoughts... However, as a resilient teen, I would not submerge myself for long, I would emerge with the familiar bubbly demeanor that everyone knew and loved. However, as time went by the pattern of withdrawal and re-emergence became more frequent and the feelings of doubt and shame felt stronger. I knew I had to seek help. I found academic routes into employment challenging as I did not have the rigorous educational training they required. I felt a failure, but it came to light that I was more suited to a vocational route into employment

The word “failure” would trip me up relentlessly for many years to come. I learned to handle episodes of depression and anxiety. Occasionally; I retreat into my dark hole, but I have many strategies to aid my emergence from the hole. Poetry is one such stratagem.

A bit more about me: I am married to a wonderful husband and we have one child. Being Mum and wife extraordinaire is presently my whole world. Prior to this I worked in the field of emotional well-being.

My passions are: words (there’s power in words) singing, dancing, people, reading, running, cycling to name but a few.

Copyright Hayley Day 2021

The next Hayley Day poetry next Wednesday - Frustration

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