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Terms and Conditions

 If you have any questions about these T&C's please do just ask.

1) These are by no means fixed and we can always discuss these more fully in your sessions or at consultation stage.

2)  If you decide that you do not wish to continue I would ask that we allow for a minimum of one session notice.  This is so I can provide you with the space to talk through and think about what this means for you.  This tries to avoid sudden drop outs that do not allow you the space to explore what this may mean for you and the impact this may have.

3) There will be three holiday breaks in therapy a year as a rule.  The holiday breaks occur one at Christmas time, one at Easter and one over the summer.  I will inform you with six weeks notice about the dates of these breaks.  You will not need to pay for any sessions during break times.  Breaks will be no longer than four weeks and no less than one week.   There may be other times at which I need to take time away and I will try to give you no less than six weeks notice of this. 

4) If you need to cannot attend your session for any reason please inform me as soon as you can via email or text.  If I can arrange an alternative session I will try to do so.  If I cannot arrange or you cannot attend the alternative given then I will still need to charge for the missed session. If I need to cancel at short notice (24Hrs or less) I will contact you to let you know.  I would not expect you to pay for your session in this instance and I will look to see if I can rearrange it for you if you would like.

5) I ask people for details such as GP, Next of Kin etc.  These details will be kept as GDPR guidelines and used only in the case of safeguarding and protecting you and others safety.  The use of this information will only be activated once I have discussed the situation with you where ever possible.

6) I will send an invoice following the last consultation, following the last session of the month or if you decide not to continue.  Invoices are sent via Quickbooks  Invoices should be paid as soon as you can.  If you cannot pay for any reason please do let me know as soon as you can and we can discuss this further in the session.

7) Payments should be made via bank transfer.  These details are on the invoice which I will send.

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