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Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Relationship problems? Low mood? Well you are not alone with this.  Many people come to me with a variety of problems including these and more.  One of the main issues people come to me with is that they feel something is holding them back in there life.  Something is bothering them that they can’t quite seem to shake off.  Something is making there life’s more difficult to them it should be.  A lot of people come to me with low mood but what is common amongst everyone is that they value the space that is available to them.  Psychodynamic psychotherapy allows for a space to open up, with me by your side, to be able to explore and think together about what these difficulties mean to you and how they came about.  My patients often feel the relief of finding out what is truly going on for them and a sense that they can move past this and get their happiness and life back, or even sometimes a new life.  It can be a long road but I’ll be there with you all the way. 


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Alan Archibald BSc Hons PGDip


Life can often feel like a challenge.  If faced with the right equipment, and the properly trained person, it can also be a journey to discover something new.

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Alan Archibald

What To Expect At Your First Appointment

First appointments are difficult at times and can make you feel a little anxious.  This is normal and an important indicator that the appointment means something to you.

I aim to provide a confidential space for us to think together about what brought you here and also what I might be able to do to help. 

It will be a chance to talk about more practical matters too, including times and costs. 

It is a time to ask questions and for us to make sure it is a treatment that is appropriate for your needs and that you would like to start with me.

I normally meet with you twice initially to get to know you better and think together about keeping you safe.  

Individual therapy

This will be a weekly or twice therapy at the same time and day for 50 minutes.  This service will be in person.  This service has limited availability due to the current pandemic.  I offer both brief 16 session therapy and open ended.


Please call or email for availability

Individual therapy via Zoom

This will be a weekly or twice weekly therapy held over either Zoom or Skype at the same time and on the same day for 50 minutes.

I offer both brief 16 session therapy and open ended.

Please call or email for availability

Initial consultation

This service is essential prior to commencing in therapy with me and will allow us to think together as to whether you would like to continue. This will be for between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes.

I normally suggest two sessions in the first instance.

Please call or email for availability.

How can I help?

Alan Archibald

The therapy I provide is called psychodynamic psychotherapy, all this really means is that we work to identify the feelings that are often hidden, even from you, the past events that have impacted on your life and led to this and how they have left you feeling. 


People often say how liberated they feel when these past events, feelings and disturbances are held and thought about together.  It allows a way in which you can gain back some power over these feelings that intrude into every aspect of your life and allows you to be free to move on and find true fulfillment.  I am a great believer that even the most difficult of feelings can be shared with the right environment and person.

I have a passion for this sort of work and have done for much of my adult life.  I have worked in mental health care, in the NHS, for the 24 years and always felt that this was a worthwhile and often powerful way to help people move on and find happiness, peace and freedom to move away from something that seemed to feel that it had complete control of their life.  I find a great sense of satisfaction in helping people find the strength inside them to fight against these feelings and difficulties.  I have had extensive training in mental health and in the last 8 years in psychotherapy, specifically psychodynamic. 


I trained in London at the Tavistock Clinic and worked there full time for four years before moving into private practice. I continue to learn and develop as I believe that there is always something new to learn and improve on.  I do have a special interest in helping males to access this form of therapy as it is often difficult for them to start. 


The truth is I see a variety of people from all sorts of backgrounds and beliefs.  The training I have received has been aimed at intercultural psychotherapy.  This just means that I can be open minded to everything that you may bring and be able to think about this with you.  

British Psychoanalytic Council registered 22111 

Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists registered

Enhanced DBS

Registered provider for

Vitality Insurance


I look forward to meeting with you and beginning to work with you towards more understanding and hopefully peace.  I know how scary that the first step can be but once it is made it does get easier.

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