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Details of Services Offered

Individual Therapy £85 (concensions considered)

I offer once or twice weekly psychodynamic psychotherapy.  This can be provided in a more open ended way in which we continue to think together, as we progress, about how long this may be and when you are ready and it is felt appropriate for an ending.  I also offer a sixteen session treatment package which allows an insight into what may be happening for you and can open up your mind to new thoughts and ways of coping.

Consultation £130 per meeting (concensions considered)

In the first instance we can meet online and I will provide a 90 minute space to get to know you and think together about what has led you to me and what challenges may lie ahead.  This gives us the opportunity to see if this form of therapy would be useful and if so in what form.  It also allows for an exploration with you about any risks or challenges that may come forth and how we might look to mitigate these together to keep you safe. The consultation is normally two meetings and can be a stand alone service or a gateway into longer term treatment.

Risk management plans £0 (with treatment)

It may be that risks come up in the consultation that we need to think about together.  This can cover all sorts of areas including but not limited to risks to your wellbeing or others, and to your current mental state.  This is paramount in my mind to ensure that you receive a service from me that provides safety and the best chance of success.  If a risk management plan is needed then I will help and support the creation of a plan to make your journey as smooth and risk free as we can.

Letters of assessment and support (price starting at £85)

I can offer a letter of assessment or support for any reason.  This may include for benefit assessment, court case, medication review or for acceptance into an NHS service. What ever this may be for we can discuss and I can see what I can provide for you.  I would add that this letter woudl be based on my professional opinion and be in your best interests only.  This is something we can discuss at the time.  The letter would need to be based in a consultation session and/or a number of therapy sessions. 

Communication with other mental health services

It may be that you would like me to contact and liase with other health or social care services about your care with me or about concerns that you may have during breaks.  I would be able to offer this as part of your ongoing care with me and/or as an additional service dependant on the specifics of the situaiton.  I have vast experience within the NHS and healthcare systems and able to provide excellent communication to other providers. 

Supervision £85 (concensions available)

I provide high quality supervision for both trainees and qualified psychotherapists.  Providing supervision around psychotherapy is something I really enjoy.  To work with clinicians around understanding your patients better and being able to offer insights and see people grow is a passion of mine.  Something I hope my supervisees enjoy too.  I try to allow growth without feelings of persecution and an open and honest environment to support growth.

A little about me

I started as a mental health professional in the NHS in 1996.  I worked and trained there until I started my private psychotherapy practice Archibald Psychotherapy in 2020. While working in the NHS I gained a vast experience and knowledge of mental health and wellbeing.  In 2012 I trained at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust and qualified as a intercultural psychodynamic psychotherapist in 2017.  I worked as a specialist in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Tavistock for four years following this and then deciding to start my own practice Archibald Psychotherapy.  

I admire the NHS but also know how long it is to wait for psychology services. I feel that it’s essential to be able to provide a service that can be there when you need it.  I work online currently with mainly clients in the UK but also worldwide. The therapy I give (psychodynamic psychotherapy) provides a safe space that we can explore and think together about the issues and challenges you bring.  It is evidenced based and with a long tradition of success.  I believe it provides long term sustainable change in peoples mental health.  It allows for unhurried exploration to really get to the bottom of what’s been going on and provide you with the understanding that is often needed to be able to identify, grieve, and move on from the pain that you have gone through.  I will think with you and together hold the weight that you carry.  We can then unpack, with care and attention, the difficulties you have faced and try to make sense of it together.  Often patterns set in your early life can have an impact on how you feel now and how you see what goes on around you.  I will be able to help you look at these things in a non judgmental and safe space that allows you to find some peace and resolution. ​


Since starting in my professional capacity in 1996 I have additionally trained and have extensive experience in risk assessment and management, infant loss, acute mental health conditions for example; psychosis, bipolar disorder, depression, drug and alcohol, mania, anxiety, body dysmorphia, suicidality, eating disorder.  I have training and experience in group psychotherapy, psycho-education, psychotropic medication, group work.  This is not a complete list of my experience and more would be available on request.   


I work with both UK patients and worldwide where appropriate, legal to do so and safe.

I actively raise money to help fund therapy for people who would otherwise not be able to afford it.  If you would like to donate please click on the gofundme link.  If you would like to learn more about this then please contact me and ask.


Member of British Psychoanalytic Council - (BPC) 22111

Accredited Member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (MBACP) 00966098

Member of Tavistock Society of Psychotherapists (TSP)

Professional member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association CCPA 11252255

BSc Hons Mental Health

PGDip in foundations in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

D58 Introduction to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

D59I Intercultural Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Qualifying course

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